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About Us

The N�ng Th�n Restaurant is located in the central of El Cerrito City right in the corner of Central Ave and San Pablo Ave.

Our grand opening was an outstanding success thanks to the generosity of the people of El Cerrito City. Although we�ve been in business for over 12 years in Oakland, we still have much to learn. We�re doing our best to bring the most authentic Vietnamese food possible and excellent dining service to the people of El Cerrito.

N�ng Th�n has the countryside farm as the theme. The majority of Vietnam still farms and ranches. Over thousand of years we have been taking advantage of nature providing our country with the most unique tropical herbs and spices no where else has. The food we serve is from the most common to the most exotic.

N�ng Th�n is a great addition of the City of El Cerrito. We provide great atmosphere suitable for a quick lunch, a romantic dinner, or even family eat out with children.